Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For Colored Girls...

So, I saw For Colored Girls. My sister, best friend and I went to see it on opening night in the city. Yeah, that was some mess. Let me backtrack for a second. Earlier that day I read a couple of reviews for the movie in the paper. They were harsh. I mean, "anyone involved with the movie should be embarrassed" and "this movie is just begging for an award. They won't win." Ow! I mean, I didn't think people would think the movie was THAT bad, Tyler Perry's other movies didn't even get that poor of reviews. However, maybe they didn't think those movies were good enough to be reviewed.

Basically most of the reviewers complained about the fact that the movie was depressing. And it was. The main characters deal with HIV, sexual assaults, abortions, child murders, and cheating boyfriends. And unlike other movies that deal with these issues, like The Color Purple and Precious, there is no happy ending. The women just decide to deal with their issues.

Phylicia Rashad, Loretta Devine, and Whoopi Goldberg gave the best performances. Their performances screamed veterans. They were totally immersed in their characters and that made the movie so enjoyable for me. Now, the rest of the cast was amazing but these three stole the show. It was like whenever they walked onto the screen, the entire audience perked up.

And even though the movie is called, For Colored Girls, we cannot forget the performances of the good for nothing men in the movie. Michael Ealy, unsurprisingly, stands above the rest. He played a war veteran who turned into an abusive husband and father as he dealt with post traumatic stress disorder. His performance was stellar, just the right amount of unstableness and crazy.

There were some misses as well. I'm still confused as to Kerry Washington's point in the movie. I don't blame her, she could only work with what she was given. And Thandie Newton's accent? She must have gone to the Idris Elba school of Languages and Accents. What do I mean? Well, do you notice that no matter where his character is for whatever movie, he always has a Brooklyn accent? I digress.

Should you go see this movie? If you are easily shocked or offended, don't go see the movie. Wait, until it comes on television and they block out certain images. I'm not easily shocked and there were some moments where I had to shut my eyes, because there was just an overload of images.

I give the movie a B-, the performances were stellar and the monologues, which were NOT written by Tyler Perry (they were written by the author of For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf, Ntozake Shange) were of course, amazing. However, the back stories of the women... Well, you know Tyler Perry. Overkill. Cliches. Too much, too fast. The end of the play is uplifting and powerful, in the movie it's all melancholy and sadness. But, that's just me, tell me what you thought.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here's What I Love

I love when I meet new people and we connect. You know that vibe you get when you and someone just happen to click? I started a new job and there are a few of us who have just bonded. I love it.

I love the butterflies I get in my stomach from a new guy. You've just met and he hasn't said or done anything stupid yet. He hasn't "forgotten" his wallet, been talking in hushed tones to his "mother" or tried to get you to buy him an iPhone.

I love walking in the rain, by myself, with my headphones on blasting some 90s R&B.

I love reading a good book. It's so good, I start getting sad because its almost over.

I love an A Different World marathon. Whitley and Dwayne, need I say more?

I love a good conversation with a good friend.

I love hanging out with my little sister. She's almost 19 and has become one of my best friends. I love the conversations we have.

I love discounts and sales of any kind.

I love how I look after I've gotten my eyebrows done.

I love when I have a new story idea and my brain moves faster than my fingers can type or write.

I love having money in the bank.

I love coming home to my mother's cooking. Nothing else compares.

I love waking up from a good dream.

So these are some of the things I love, tell me some of yours.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Now THESE Girls Are Bad!

The new season of the Bad Girls Club has just begun! And unlike last season, where some of the girls seemed more like Real World rejects, these girls are true bad girls. They yell, fight and kick each other out of the house. And that was the first 36 hours. The girls are Morgan, Cat, Kristen, Lea, Brandi, Erica and Danielle. Now, I don't know if the producers are trying to follow some sort of format, but all of the girls look like one of the girls from a past Bad Girls season. I hope they are following a model because this season is way better than the last already.

Sometimes I wish I could be a bad girl. Not on the reality show, just in real life. I mean fight, yell, throw things and not think about the consequences? I can't do it, I have a tendency to think too much. So for now, I'll just live vicariously through these girls. As far as favorites go: I like Lea and Cat. These girls don't go behind your back, if they have something to say they do it. IN. YOUR. FACE! And that's how it should be, especially if you call yourself a bad girl.

And in other news: According to TMZ, Jennifer Freeman (My Wife & Kids) beat up her husband. Apparently he saw a text message on her phone and she flipped out. She slapped him twice, bit him on the wrist and chest. And SHE DREW BLOOD! Ok, do you know how hard you have to bite someone to draw blood? (I say this having been on the receiving end of a bite. In sixth grade this girl bit me on my hand and it hurt, luckily she didn't break the skin. But that's a story for another time. Hey, Nicole!) Anyway, Freeman's husband, Earl Watson, filed a divorce petition immediately. However he later withdrew it, saying they were gonna work on their problems. I mean they do have a child together, but had this happened in reverse we would all be calling for her to leave him, right? So, should HE stay or go? (Also, what is going on with text messages? Isn't that how the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna fight got started?)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wedding Season. Some Do, I Don't

I know this post has you looking at me a little side eyed. Let me stop you before you begin to extol all the virtues of marriage. I know, its a wonderful thing. I know, the bond between married couple is one that cannot be compared, blah, blah, BLAH! It is wedding season and a lot of people are getting married. T.I. and Tiny, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz and Chelsea Clinton all tied the knot on the same day. (Side note: Chelsea and I have the same birth date.) My cousin is getting married in a few weeks and my best friend was supposed to get married next week. Yes I said supposed to.

Here's what happened. About 8 years ago, she met a guy, they started dating. They were "that" couple. On, off, exclusive, open, off again. On again. You know. So they had a child together, 2 years ago and it seemed like they were good. He proposed in February and the wedding date was set for August 8th. Everyone was happy. Until his family convinced him to call it off. TWO weeks before the ceremony. ON HER BIRTHDAY! (Y'all know I would have been blogging from prison, right?) They said she was too bossy and did they have enough money to be married without struggling? He was uncomfortable with the fact that she made more money than him. So, I'm thinking: I guess he doesn't really want to be with her. Because let's face it, when you really want to do something: NOBODY can talk you out of it. Besides, I thought love was supposed to make a way? Let me dial back the sarcasm to get to the point. So he wants to call off the wedding, but he wants her to live with him. And his family thinks this is completely normal. So help me out: what's the difference?

If we get married, are we not going to be living together? What's the difference if we have the paper or not? If you don't want to marry me then why do you want to live with me? I am lost. Dazed and confused. Living together is just marriage without all the gifts. Right? Right?

And so this brings me to the "I don't" part of this post. I don't want a big wedding. No seriously I don't. I want to elope. It is my dream to fly to Vegas or some island and just do it. Does this make me crazy? My other best friend (who has planned her wedding and 3 other variations) has vowed to kill me if I fly off somewhere with my guy and not give her the pleasure of planning my entire wedding and being my matron of honor. My family is crazy, I love them, but they drive me crazy on a regular day. I can't even imagine having to deal with them and caterers, florists, bridesmaids, china patterns, salon bookings, dress fittings, church counseling classes and sending out invitations. Am I crazy for wanting to elope? And do you see any difference in living together and getting married?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Cable Original Programming

I didn't usually watch original shows on cable. I don't know why, I just stick with major network shows. I watch reality shows, but for the most part I know what to expect from them. Now that it's summer, I don't have anything to watch because I've caught up on all my shows. So I've started watching TNT shows Hawthorne and Dark Blue and ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars. I've added AMC's Mad Men, TNT's The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles, and USA's Covert Affairs to my list of shows to watch. Mad Men and The Closer have both won numerous awards, so I want to see what all of the hype is about. Rizzoli and Isles is a new show, but it looks interesting.

So I started watching some Hawthorne episodes and it's no Grey's Anatomy but it's a good show. Dark Blue, however is. My. New. FAVORITE. Show. It's about four undercover cops in LA. I love undercover shows, I still watch 21 Jump Street and New York Undercover.

In Dark Blue, the cops go undercover as drug dealers, smugglers, and other unsavory characters. They have to remain calm under pressure and deal with their job affects their personal lives. The cast consists of Dylan McDermott, Omari Hardwick, Logan Marshall-Green and Nicki Aycox. Remember Dylan McDermott? From The Practice? So he's almost 50 and still hot! Then you have Logan Marshall-Green, he was on the O.C. He played this shady character who ended up getting shot. I don't remember him being this hot, though. Maybe because he played a villain? I don't know. And saving the best for last, let's talk about Omari Hardwick... Here's a picture because I have no words:

What do you think? I like it. A really really like it. He plays Ty Curtis, who recently got married. He struggles with his promise to his wife to stop working undercover when they start a family. And...who cares about the storylines? I just like to look at him. Apparently he was in the A-Team, I guess I blinked and missed him. And he was in Next Day Air, which I did not see, but will definitely be looking for. Anyway, have you started watching new shows, because its the summer time? have you been pleasantly surprised by what you found? Or a little disappointed and waiting impatiently for fall premieres?

P.S.- I've been keeping tabs on Trey Songz's show, that alleged fight with the wardrobe woman? A false promise, the commercial was more interesting than the episode. *Sigh*

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A New Title...

So, I've changed the name of my blog. Do you like it? Do you hate it? Do you care? This is just a quick post. I am currently catching up on a show, that I just started watching. And ladies, the male leads are Ooh-la-la! Especially one in particular. Muy muy caliente. I'll tell you about it later.

Oh and have you heard about the interview Mashonda, the ex-wife of Swizz Beatz, gave Vibe? She has inspired me to be a better woman and not let my ego get in the way of my life. I mean the fact that she can wish Alicia Keys well, after everything is a testament to her maturity. (I'm trying to get there.) It is well worth the read. Check it out here

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kim, Keyshia and...Trey???

So Trey Songz follows the footsteps of DMX, Lil' Kim, and Keyshia Cole and has a reality show on BET. It's all about him going on his first tour with Jay-Z and Young Jeezy. It looks like a real documentary, I was surprised. I mean all reality shows promise to be real and they usually lie. There are no scripts, its a true "day in the life of" show. Unlike with Keyshia Cole's The Way It Is, there looks to be no chance of a spin off for this show. Can we all release a giant sigh of release? Now let's talk about Trey.

Trey is a perfectionist. And we all know that perfectionists can be...confident. Demanding. Driven. He was really adamant that everything be perfect and I can understand it. He's on tour with Jay-Z! And it's his first tour. He really does have a lot to prove. When he talks to the musicians he makes sure that after he barks at them, he does explain that they all have something to prove. I love that he says that everyone is going to work just as hard as he is. Now, I'm not completely blinded by lust, he was rude to the wardrobe women. Maybe not rude, but a little...abrupt? He was very vocal about what he didn't like. I guess they didn't mind because then he would smile and then it was all good. (However on the newest episode that airs on Tuesday, he does get into a little tiff with a woman who is not impressed by his smile or his invitation to his show. I like her.)

So the show features his mother, his mentor, and Kevin Liles who is something of a manager/supervisor. They all talk about where he came from and how he learned music. This is what he has always wanted to do and he won't allow himself to become lazy, because he recognizes that there is someone else out there ready to take his place. I love that his mentor said that Trey treated his career as though he was a rapper. I guess that explains his mixtapes. (I was wondering) So I like it because it seems like a real reality show. It stays on topic, so far there aren't any crazy fights. I can't promise to watch the episodes as soon as they air, because there's no cliff-hanger. I'll definitely catch the reruns, though.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back To Our Roots

So you guys know my stance on BET. Hate it! I mean I actually LOATHE everything BET stands for. I'm all for Black Entertainment, in fact it's all I want to do with my life, but it saddens me to think that once I'm actually established in this business BET would be my last resort when pitching a show idea. I mean what does BET actually do for the Black community? Take a minute, and really think about it. What does BET do for us? Show us how NOT to act? I mean, really.

So I bring this up to talk about the BET awards. I tried to watch, I really did. But when I turned on the television, Queen Latifah had on a braided wig and she was looking real crazy, talking to T.I. So I turned. Then the next day everyone was talking about Chris Brown's performance, I was actually sorry I missed that one. I like Chris Brown and I hope he can get back to where he was. So I watched that on Youtube and it amazed me that in six and a half minutes he did a better tribute to Michael Jackson than the ENTIRE 2009 BET Awards show. BET, get it together.

Now, BET does have another channel, called BET Centric. I actually like this channel. I'm not sure who the brains was behind this operation, but clearly they should be in charge of ALL of BET's programming. On Centric, you can see Soul Train's classic episodes, Miami Vice, The A-Team, and the videos are real music. This channel is what BET itself started out being, but later somehow succumbed to the pressures of today's Hip Hop world.

OK, I saw the A-Team movie. And can I just tell you: amazing! I used to watch the show with my dad when I was younger and sometimes we'll catch the reruns together on Centric. I was going to do a separate post on it. Which it totally deserves, because it was THAT good. But I figured you guys wouldn't appreciate an entire post that was just the word AMAZING written over and over. Here's the thing about this movie, if you have never seen an episode of the show, you'll love it, because it's a good movie. If you loved the show you will be proud of the job the writers did in staying true to the characters. This is probably because the creator of the show was one of the producers of the movie. Take my word for it: Go See It! And don't watch it online, like I was going to, see it in a theater, because it's just that good. A+ all the way!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Have A Secret...

I have a secret. And it's a big one. I LOVE...Lifetime movies. There I said it and now you know. I watch them and I enjoy them. Home invasions, romantic comedies, cheating spouses, custody battles,secret identities: you name it Lifetime has it. So now that you know this about me, telling you that I watched a new Lifetime movie called, Double Wedding, won't come as a shock.

Double Wedding stars Tia and Tamera Mowry as twins that fall in love with the same guy. He doesn't know he's dating twins because neither one tells him that they have a twin. They just talk about their sister. After the first 35 minutes, I already knew who he would end up with. But that doesn't bother me, (I'm a control freak, so I like knowing what's going to happen. I'm weird that way.)

My only problem with the movie is that the twins play their same stereotypical parts, with an adult twist. Tia is the super motivated, utterly ambitious, Type A lawyer while Tamera, a baker, is more carefree and more of a people person. I'm just saying: does there always have to be a smart sister and a social sister?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Is Why I Watch Movies And Don't Listen To Reviews: Sex And The City 2

So I finally saw Sex and The City 2 (it seems like alot of my movie posts start like that, because I'm always behind. I can't stand the crowds at the theaters. Its really ridiculous.) And it wasn't that bad, it was a little long though. I mean people were acting like they butchered the movie and didn't stay true to the characters. It was more of a "Where Are They Now?" special. The movie picks up two years after the last one ended and we got to see where all of the ladies are now.

Carrie and Big are still married and seem to be happy, except Carrie likes to go out and socialize and Big wants to stay home. This becomes a big deal for them. It would have been realistic, had Big and Carrie not been living together for 10 years. Like, Carrie, did you just realize that Big wanted to stay home and watch old movies? It would have been better if it focused more on the slightly restlessness (is that a word?) of being with someone for 10 years. But...I didn't write it.

Miranda's big issue is that her boss is a jerk, but she quits in the first 30 minutes. So...Now what?

Samantha has sex. No big storyline just sex. (All of the sex in the movie is had by her.) And trying to defeat menopause. But... it was nothing like the cancer storyline she had on the show.

Charlotte has the best and most carefully plotted storyline. She's dealing with the fact that her children are not perfect, she's not a perfect mother after always wanting children, and she fears her husband may be having an affair with the nanny (how cliche, right?) Charlotte feels that because she always wanted children, it shouldn't be hard for her and her children should be well-behaved little angels. Not so. She has breakdowns and Miranda helps her through it (I guess that was Miranda's other storyline...except not really, because she helps Charlotte with her breakthrough at the end.)

The clothes were amazing as I'm sure you knew from the commercials, right?

They were still friends, but this movie didn't have them facing any real challenges with each other. They were just four best friends in the Middle East.

So I liked it: I give it a C+. The storylines could have been better planned, but it was nice seeing them all together again. But they could have done better.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Wright

So I saw Just Wright. Typical romantic comedy movie. The previews pretty much told us what was going to happen in the movie. But...Common was really good. Now, I could be biased because let's face it: Common is sexy and can do no wrong in my book. However I wasn't expecting him to be as good as he was. Because, we all know this, sometimes rappers and singers get lead roles because of their name and NOT because of their talent. I won't put any names out there, mostly because I'm feeling kind of mellow tonight.

Queen Latifah, who I don't consider a "rapper turned actress" because she has more than paid her acting dues, played an around the way, nice girl. Paula Patton was her self centered, shallow godsister. Very materialistic, but not malicious. I like that the friendship between the two women was never in jeopardy, even though they share a love interest. They were two mature women who were each happy for one another, when they received what they wanted. I liked that, no cattiness in this movie. Also Queen Latifah didn't play a homely woman, who couldn't get a man. She was a beautiful woman, so comfortable around guys that they put her in "homegirl" category. No ponytails, bad clothes, or bushy eyebrows. There were also some nice NBA cameos. It was a cute movie without any real surprises. I give it a B-. It delivered what we expected. No more, no less.

Friday, June 11, 2010

MTV Movie Awards

So for the first time ever I watched an entire awards show in one sitting, without flipping the channels. Of course, I watched it 4 days later on my DVR. But here is my list of Random Things I Noticed…

Aziz Ansari is funny. I didn’t realize. I mean I’ve seen a few minutes of Parks and Recreation, but not enough to watch every week. Sorry.

Tiny was sitting next to Paris Hilton. Not looking very happy at the seating arrangements or Aziz Ansari’s comedy sketch.

The Adam Sandler/Kevin James/Chris Rock/David Spade/Rob Schenider skit was not funny. The cast Grown Ups did not write their little skit. I refuse to believe it because I know Chris Rock and Kevin James are funnier than that. I’ve watched their stand ups, so I refuse to believe they wrote it.

Sorry Diddy. You still can’t act. Sit down. And by the way you’ve been “less cool.” And please stop molesting white girls. (i.e. the hug he gave Anna Kendrick.)

Tom Cruise is hilarious as Les Grossman.

Kiss Cam: uh, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens…You guys have been together for too long to be so uncomfortable on camera. Like, you guys are famous now. You should be used to unwanted attention.

Kristen Stewart is so socially awkward. I like her.

Did Ken Jeong throw up a gang sign when he won best WTF moment?

And some censorship rules were clearly broken. We all agree on that, right?

The poor kid from Harry Potter couldn’t even finish his speech. But it was funny, to watch, anyway.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I May Not Be Alot Of Things But...

I am a writer. It's one of the few things I am completely confident about. Like the fact that I'm Black and female, me being a writer is an absolute fact. I don't want to be anything else, because I can't be anything else. I don't want to be a teacher (sorry Auntie) because I honestly can't see myself doing anything else with my life. You know how they ask celebrities, "If you weren't acting/singing/directing what would you be doing with your life?" I don't even allow myself to think about what else I could do with my life in case writing does not work out.

Coco Chanel said it best: "Success is often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable." So now I'm applying for every screenwriting contest/internship/program I can find because the worse they can say is no. But if I don't even try, the answer is always no. This blog post was written because of a post written by Alex of "What Alex Writes" (this is happening a lot.) She wrote a post about how she applied for a scholarship and won! (Yay, Alex!) It inspired me to try, even if I doubt how high my chances are. I've lost out on a number of opportunities because I let fear get in my way. Well from now on, I'm going to stop that. I'm going to put myself out there (not like that) and take the good that has to come with the bad. Remember: there's always a 50% chance that they'll say yes. What do I have to lose?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why Did I Get Married, Too? (Part 2)

On Saturday my best friend and I went to see Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? And let me say this if you have ever watched a movie or read a book before, there is NO twist. I am so sick of people telling me that I won't suspect the ending. Did you see the same movie I saw? Just because the ending wasn't in the commercial, that doesn't mean the ending will be a surprise. So let's review, shall we?

I was going to give a blow by blow account of the movie but instead I will just point out some holes in the storyline. To quote my best friend, who went to see the movie with me, "Tyler Perry has a few moments of greatness. Just a few." But see, a movie is made up of a lot of moments, so where does that leave us? Ok, the movie opens with Terry and Dianne's family, they now have two children, because Dianne got her tubes untied (I didn't know they could do that). Their daughter is explaining to her brother what the Marriage Retreat is and he seems confused that Uncle Mike won't be there. Hmmm. Weren't Sheila and Mike divorced at the end of the second movie? So how does Terry and Dianne's son even know that Uncle Mike and Aunt Sheila were married? He should only be about two, right? (If you add in that the last movie was 3 years ago, and Diane had to get her tubes untied, conceive her son, carry him for at least 8 months, and give birth) He looked about four. Ok, maybe I'm nitpicking. But bear with me, because there's more.

Friendships. Tyler Perry can write about bad relationships and good relationships but when it comes to friendships...He's lacking. I have had a problem with his take on friendships since the first movie. When Sheila stayed in Colorado and all her friends went back to Atlanta, why hadn't they talked to her before she finally called them? Why weren't they looking for her? I get that they all had their own problems but come on. Her marriage just ended and she basically had a breakdown at the dinner table. Right? Well this movie isn't any better. They all live in Atlanta, and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Atlanta a city? Not a state, right? So why don't they hang out, together? Because the impression I got from the movie was that they go months (or movies) without seeing each other, they all have all of these secrets, and then once the climax of the movie takes place (like the dinner table scene from the first one and Patricia's announcement in this movie) they see each other ALL the time. I know, they can't be Sex and The City, but really? When Patricia went crazy and started smashing things it was daylight. Her friends don't show up until well into the night to check on her. Did the husbands not tell their wives what happened? That their best friend of twenty years had a psychotic episode? Obviously not, because the ladies look completely shocked to see the house in the state that it's in.

Patricia and Gavin. Where do we begin? It seems like Tyler Perry writes these movies and never goes back to edit them or maybe the movie was just one big improvisational piece. I don't know. Patricia and Gavin come into the house all smiles and holding hands, then boom! "Gavin and I are getting a divorce." Huh? There are so many ways he could have shown that they were having problems, like he led up to Dianne's emotional affair, where everyone kept telling her she was glowing. He could have shown Janet Jackson in the car before she greeted everyone, telling Gavin that she wanted to tell them the truth and he could have told her to wait. Or that muffled argument they were having? That's what it could have been about. I get why people keep saying there was a twist, everything came out of the blue. Sorry people that's not a twist, its sloppy writing. And what is Patricia's problem? Why couldn't she open up? Gavin said she was like that before the death of their son...So what was it? That would have been a great opportunity for a flashback. But maybe it was nothing because when he dies she realizes they were fighting for nothing. And so another hole.

Mike. Why was he there? He didn't act like he came to get Sheila back. I mean, they had that one scene, and then Sheila reminded him that he abused her. But then that was done. And was I the only one who thought the abuse angle came out of nowhere? Another out of the blue moment. Mike was clearly uncomfortable being around the happy couples, so why did he stay? For Sheila? I didn't see that. And then with him having cancer, why did Sheila have to take him to chemo? He has money; he could have hired a nurse. He also has friends, so what were Marcus and Terry doing? Sheila's struggle to forgive Mike should have been shown more. Even though she said she forgave him in the first movie, she seemed very hostile in this one. But maybe it's just me. Mike could have told Terry that he wanted to make amends with Sheila. Terry could have told Dianne and Dianne could have told Sheila. That way we see Sheila struggle with holding on to the pain of her first marriage and doing the Christian thing.

This movie was ok. I give it a C. The first one was better and I only wanted to see it because of I needed to know what happened to these so called happy couples and because of Tasha Smith. Her scenes were hilarious and I can see her and Marcus having those issues. I'm done ranting, but tell me what you think.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Did I Get Married, Too? (Part 1)

So, I haven't seen Tyler Perry's new movie, yet. I plan on seeing it, but I try to never ever go see movies on the first day or week it comes out. I hate the crowds. And truth be told I like to watch the movie when the theater is nearly empty, you know after it's been out for two months and I don't have to listen to all the crowd participation. I may be holding on to some leftover frustration from going to see"Good Hair" the day it came out.

I never go into a movie empty headed. You know, I already have expectations and I usually know how it's going to end. As usual, Tyler Perry had me raising some questions about this new movie. I mean at the end of the first one everyone was happy, right? Sheila lost some weight and got a new husband. Diane and Terry both realized she was wrong for lying about getting her tubes tied and he came back home. Angela and Marcus agreed to remain faithful to each other and she gave up drinking. Patricia and Gavin worked through their issues regarding their son's death. Everyone was good, except Mike, but what do we expect from Tyler Perry's villain? So my question is why tie the whole story up in a bow only to unravel it for a sequel?

Why couldn't he find a new cast? Or write a new story and keep the cast, just give them new roles? I get that marriage is hard...but this is a little much. I've seen bits and pieces of the movies in trailers, so I know that Angela thinks Marcus is cheating, Mike wants Sheila back and her new husband is jobless, and we've all seen Janet Jackson going crazy (Beyonce in "Obsessed" style). So what do I expect? Drama, drama, and (according to my cousin who fought the crowds this weekend) a twist we won't expect. Yeah, ok.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Decisions Decisions.

So for a while now, I've been kind of aimless. I've known what I want to do, but I didn't know how to achieve it. And then it was like the clouds parted and I had an epiphany and a string of good luck. I'm going to film school! I'm applying to the New York Film Academy, summer program. Hey, I'd love to do their two-year program, but I'm still a broke student. And money is tight. I wonder if they have a payment plan? Something to look into, I suppose. I like having a plan for my life. I have focus and direction. Oh happy day.

This brings me closer to one of my goals on my list. Yes, I made a list of things I want to accomplish in 10 years. And I'm starting right away. So glad, I get to tell my friends that I'm no longer Lynn from Girlfriends, now I'm... Well, I can't find a good analogy but you get it.

I have a new job and a new attitude. I hate to sound so corny, but it is what it is. Special thanks for the friends I have, because when I told them my good news they were so happy for me. I know that's what friends do, but I've had bad friends and they made me appreciate the good friends I have. I always wanted friends like the ones on the T.V. shows. You know: Saved by the Bell, Friends, Sex and the City. Somehow mine were like a horror show freakfest. No exaggeration.

And lastly: did anyone see the Bad Girls Club Reunion? Flo is crazy, but I still like her. She lets people in her circle too quick, and come one, Natalie is NOT to be trusted. Still love Portia and... Can we get LaLa to do the next reunion shows? Perez is too catty for me.

P.S. when Flo told him that that's why he got punched by will.i.am, I almost died.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Miss The Radio

Close your eyes and think back. Think back to a time when you could turn on any station on the radio and listen to it for HOURS. Remember that? I remember when Power 105 first started and I had my Walkman, and it was commercial free R&B.... Good times. I miss Monica (it's just one of them days), Brandy (when she still had braids and a sitcom), Destiny's Child (with 3 or 4 members, I'm not choosy), Ginuwine, Ashanti (yeah I may be her only fan, but I admit that), Aaliyah (R.I.P), Missy, Faith Evans, and R. Kelly. I know, Kells has issues but his 90's and early 2000's music was the business. Can y'all come back real quick? I CAN'T LISTEN TO RIHANNA, LADY GAGA, and all those Cash Money artists all day.

Now it seems like I can't find anything to listen to! I mean a few songs and then I have to change the station. It's like I can barely get comfortable on my bed before I hear some Gucci Mane or (well I just went blank because I DON'T KNOW ANY OF THE NEW PEOPLE OUT THERE). I can't take it, anymore. And there's nobody talking on the radio anymore. Wendy, How you doin'? Can you come back to radio, it's so boring now. Maybe I'll check out some Sirius radio stations, or start my own. Yeah, I like to listen to myself talk, and what?

P.S. The Bad Girls Reunion is on tomorrow. Yaaaaaay! Portia and Flo both get at Natalie (and she's still spitting on people.) This is why I can't respect her, because real bad girls use their words or fists, NOT their salivary glands.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keyshia Cole's In Labor...So I Can Look Forward To A New Album Soon, Right?

Yes, according to some gossip blog, Monica tweeted that Keyshia Cole is in labor. Yes! Finally! No, I don't know her. No, I don't have any money in a birth pool. I just need some new music. I have been a Keyshia fan from day one. When she changed her mind, I was there. When she had red dye dripping down her neck, when she should've cheated, I was rooting for her. I watched the reality show (I never watched Frankie and Neffie, I had to draw the line somewhere. I mean Neffie named her son Jaden We Love You Cole. I mean really.) So Keyshia, please tell me you used the time to write some more lyrics. Please do not fade into obscurity, just hold on girl. Keri Hilson and Melanie Fiona can't do it alone. Rihanna is trying to take over the world. Heeeeelp!!!!!!! I'm out.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Need A Black Sitcom!!

I do, I need one sooooo bad. At this point it doesn't even have to be a good one. I mean that would be preferable, but it's not a necessity. A Different World is on TV One, so that's what prompted this. So, that's about it. I need a black sitcom. So Mara Brock Akil, Yvette Lee Bowser, Felicia D. Henderson... Come on! Help a sister out! I'm done.

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Said I Wasn't Gonna Do It Again

I hate new T.V. shows. I especially hate the good ones. That doesn't make sense, right? Hear me out. You get caught up in a show, you love the show, you watch faithfully, and what happens? They leave you. Some executive decides that because the numbers aren't working my new show gets the axe. Good shows and some not-so-good shows have gotten cancelled and I promised myself that I would NOT get caught up again. And yet… I found myself watching two great shows. Life Unexpected on the CW and The Deep End on ABC.

ABC has hurt me so badly over the years and I swore I wouldn’t watch any new shows. My best friend has been trying to get me to watch The Good Wife for a while but I keep resisting and my brother has tried to get me to watch V, but I just couldn’t. And then The Deep End snuck up on me. There I was, innocently eating the last of my dinner and Wheel of Fortune had just ended. I was waiting for that Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice crossover event and the show just started. I was going to turn but it sucked me in. And Mechad Brooks is so fine, I was just supposed to watch until he showed up and now… Now I’m DVRing it in advance and I can’t help it. I keep telling myself that I’ll be strong. I can handle it if it gets cancelled. But I can’t go through another heartbreak, ABC, I just can’t. I mean after Big Shots, Dirty Sexy Money, Eli Stone, Life After Mars, I thought I could handle anything. But I am woman enough to say Samantha Who? nearly broke me. And now Ugly Betty? These shows win AWARDS! Emmys. Golden Globes. I thought I was safe with Ugly Betty. I didn’t start watching until the third season, I mean OPRAH watches this show. America Ferrera and Selma Hayek talked about the show with her. I figured I had a good four more seasons. Sigh.

Life Unexpected. Great show. Great cast. Great storyline. But a network that can make remakes of shows that ended barely ended ten years ago is not to be trusted. And can cancel Everybody Hates Chris? Notice: Girlfriends and The Game weren’t stellar but I still loved them. I wanted The Game to stay on because it was the last Black show on television. Girlfriends…well what can you expect after you let Jill Marie Jones “Toni Childs” leave? I have nothing else to say.

P.S. If Flo gets kicked off Bad Girls Club...I may boycott. But good for Annie for finally acting like a Bad Girl and not like a Real World reject. Yeah and Kendra let anyone spit on me...I'm not just going home, I'm going to jail. I promise. Oh and Kate, I really can't stand her. After you've been spit on, you decide to spit on someone else? One word: Nasty.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Guiltiest Pleasure

I watch the Bad Girls Club. There, I said it. And not only do I watch the Bad Girls Club, I love every minute of it. This was not like my Flava of Love phase (where I watched with barely concealed confusion and disgust.) Nope, I love The Bad Girls Club and I watch it because these girls are insane. And they're not in this house battling over some washed up rapper (sorry Flav) or trying to win a modeling contract. Nope, they're just there to be bad and the audience is there to guess who gets kicked off first for fighting. (Hey, Portia, I miss you.)

This is the fourth season of the show and while last season's girls were my favorites...This season's girls have grown on me. Mostly like a fungus but they've grown. Here are the girls I like: Portia, Flo, Natalie, and Annie. Yep, that's it. I know Portia's not there anymore but she was my favorite. Portia, Flo, and Natalie are all loud, in your face, I'll knock you out kinda girls. if they have something to say they say it to your face. Amber and Kate, well, not so much. And Annie well, I'm not actually sure why she's not on The Real World. She's not loud, she's not mean, vindictive, she's not bad at all. But then again maybe she has a slow fuse and it takes her a few weeks to heat up.

So, as far as I know, The Bad Girls Club isn't scripted. Well last season, the girls said the producers told Tiffany to play the peacemaker... Anyway, it seems these girls are honest, too honest. Which brings me to Kendra... How can you actually say that you're not sending Natalie home after she punches you in the face because you need her connections? It's one thing to use someone, but to say it out loud to all the girls in the house? And Natalie...don't buy your friends. They don't last and there's no warrantee. And really, Kendra, Miles from Moesha? I can't deal. I keep expecting Moesha and Niecy to interrupt their hot tub time with a lecture about safe sex.

Coming up: Flo and Amber get into a fight and I pray Flo wails on her. Here's hoping one of the former Bad Girls stop by. I wanna see Kate go toe to toe with the original Boston, last season's Whitney.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Decade? Wow!

Happy New Year! Wow it's been about 4 months. Bad bad bad. I know! I was inspired to write this post by Alex of Alex's Blog-A-Zine. So if you read this, thanks Alex! Anyway, I did see I Can Do Bad All By Myself and I was shocked by how not bad it was. Sorry, that's the best compliment I can give Tyler Perry, I tried and that's all I got. And I downloaded Whitney Houston's CD and I like it...Because it's Whitney and I'm a fan. But I miss old Whitney. You know the one that hit those crazy notes. Her voice is kinda husky and throaty on her new album. But I'll take what I can.

So since its 2010, I've noticed a few crazes that make me wish for things from 10 years ago. Like this whole Twilight/Vampire Diaries/True Blood craze. Does anyone else miss Buffy? You know the Vampire Slayer? When most vampires were bad and Buffy killed them with her awesome skills and witty banter? Aah the good ol' days.

Now when it comes to music I am all about Trey Songz. But remember when R. Kelly was the king of R&B? What happened Kells? Oh, yeah you peed on a few girls and we all turned on you. And in turn it seems he may have lost it after Trapped in the Closet Part 97. And what's up with Usher? I mean does anyone remember 8701 and Confessions? Now he's just dropped off. Way off. And where did all the girl groups go? I miss TLC, Xscape, En Vogue, SWV and Destiny's Child. And don't get me started on boy bands. I was never into Pretty Ricky or Day 26, but if I didn't love me some B2K... I can't stand Omarion, though. I wonder why?

Well these are just my ramblings. I've gotta go, there's a Buffy marathon on and I'm missing my tween years. Love ya and enjoy the New Year!