Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Is Why I Watch Movies And Don't Listen To Reviews: Sex And The City 2

So I finally saw Sex and The City 2 (it seems like alot of my movie posts start like that, because I'm always behind. I can't stand the crowds at the theaters. Its really ridiculous.) And it wasn't that bad, it was a little long though. I mean people were acting like they butchered the movie and didn't stay true to the characters. It was more of a "Where Are They Now?" special. The movie picks up two years after the last one ended and we got to see where all of the ladies are now.

Carrie and Big are still married and seem to be happy, except Carrie likes to go out and socialize and Big wants to stay home. This becomes a big deal for them. It would have been realistic, had Big and Carrie not been living together for 10 years. Like, Carrie, did you just realize that Big wanted to stay home and watch old movies? It would have been better if it focused more on the slightly restlessness (is that a word?) of being with someone for 10 years. But...I didn't write it.

Miranda's big issue is that her boss is a jerk, but she quits in the first 30 minutes. So...Now what?

Samantha has sex. No big storyline just sex. (All of the sex in the movie is had by her.) And trying to defeat menopause. But... it was nothing like the cancer storyline she had on the show.

Charlotte has the best and most carefully plotted storyline. She's dealing with the fact that her children are not perfect, she's not a perfect mother after always wanting children, and she fears her husband may be having an affair with the nanny (how cliche, right?) Charlotte feels that because she always wanted children, it shouldn't be hard for her and her children should be well-behaved little angels. Not so. She has breakdowns and Miranda helps her through it (I guess that was Miranda's other storyline...except not really, because she helps Charlotte with her breakthrough at the end.)

The clothes were amazing as I'm sure you knew from the commercials, right?

They were still friends, but this movie didn't have them facing any real challenges with each other. They were just four best friends in the Middle East.

So I liked it: I give it a C+. The storylines could have been better planned, but it was nice seeing them all together again. But they could have done better.


  1. i love ur movie reviews... they're always so thought out!

  2. Thanks! A BET Awards review is coming soon