Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Decisions Decisions.

So for a while now, I've been kind of aimless. I've known what I want to do, but I didn't know how to achieve it. And then it was like the clouds parted and I had an epiphany and a string of good luck. I'm going to film school! I'm applying to the New York Film Academy, summer program. Hey, I'd love to do their two-year program, but I'm still a broke student. And money is tight. I wonder if they have a payment plan? Something to look into, I suppose. I like having a plan for my life. I have focus and direction. Oh happy day.

This brings me closer to one of my goals on my list. Yes, I made a list of things I want to accomplish in 10 years. And I'm starting right away. So glad, I get to tell my friends that I'm no longer Lynn from Girlfriends, now I'm... Well, I can't find a good analogy but you get it.

I have a new job and a new attitude. I hate to sound so corny, but it is what it is. Special thanks for the friends I have, because when I told them my good news they were so happy for me. I know that's what friends do, but I've had bad friends and they made me appreciate the good friends I have. I always wanted friends like the ones on the T.V. shows. You know: Saved by the Bell, Friends, Sex and the City. Somehow mine were like a horror show freakfest. No exaggeration.

And lastly: did anyone see the Bad Girls Club Reunion? Flo is crazy, but I still like her. She lets people in her circle too quick, and come one, Natalie is NOT to be trusted. Still love Portia and... Can we get LaLa to do the next reunion shows? Perez is too catty for me.

P.S. when Flo told him that that's why he got punched by will.i.am, I almost died.


  1. Congrats. It's always nice to have plans to follow. I'm proud of ya. Film school eh? Sounds sooo cool, but I know I couldn't do it. I wanna write a movie so bad though!

    I saw most of the BGC reunion and I couldn't agree more. I love Flo cuz she keeps it real and doesn't talk crap w/o being able to back it up.

    Lastly, new job eh? LUCKY!!!! Peep my latest post... I'm sure you'll enjoy since you are the ONLY person that reads my blog, lol!

  2. I enjoyed the post, as usual. And why couldnt you do film school? I mean you wanna write a movie, and I know you like to write. So...

  3. Thanks a bunch!

    IDK. I just see myself as more of a journalist in the future. Broadcast preferrably. That's why I've got these darn braces...

    What's your overall career goal?

  4. Creative director and writer of my own shows. I plan to have at least 3 shows on the air at once. I'd love to do movies, but my stories never end, so an ongoing show is the main goal.

  5. oh ok... betta believe i'll be watching them since I know there will be Black characters, lol!

  6. Of course, after all of my ranting how could I not? lol

  7. i know right... ?!?! i rushed to your blog expecting to see a Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too movie review! LoL... Where is it? Did you see it?

  8. I haven't seen it yet. I'm going this weekend. Don't worry, I'll be posting.