Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back To Our Roots

So you guys know my stance on BET. Hate it! I mean I actually LOATHE everything BET stands for. I'm all for Black Entertainment, in fact it's all I want to do with my life, but it saddens me to think that once I'm actually established in this business BET would be my last resort when pitching a show idea. I mean what does BET actually do for the Black community? Take a minute, and really think about it. What does BET do for us? Show us how NOT to act? I mean, really.

So I bring this up to talk about the BET awards. I tried to watch, I really did. But when I turned on the television, Queen Latifah had on a braided wig and she was looking real crazy, talking to T.I. So I turned. Then the next day everyone was talking about Chris Brown's performance, I was actually sorry I missed that one. I like Chris Brown and I hope he can get back to where he was. So I watched that on Youtube and it amazed me that in six and a half minutes he did a better tribute to Michael Jackson than the ENTIRE 2009 BET Awards show. BET, get it together.

Now, BET does have another channel, called BET Centric. I actually like this channel. I'm not sure who the brains was behind this operation, but clearly they should be in charge of ALL of BET's programming. On Centric, you can see Soul Train's classic episodes, Miami Vice, The A-Team, and the videos are real music. This channel is what BET itself started out being, but later somehow succumbed to the pressures of today's Hip Hop world.

OK, I saw the A-Team movie. And can I just tell you: amazing! I used to watch the show with my dad when I was younger and sometimes we'll catch the reruns together on Centric. I was going to do a separate post on it. Which it totally deserves, because it was THAT good. But I figured you guys wouldn't appreciate an entire post that was just the word AMAZING written over and over. Here's the thing about this movie, if you have never seen an episode of the show, you'll love it, because it's a good movie. If you loved the show you will be proud of the job the writers did in staying true to the characters. This is probably because the creator of the show was one of the producers of the movie. Take my word for it: Go See It! And don't watch it online, like I was going to, see it in a theater, because it's just that good. A+ all the way!


  1. Great post... I feel you about BET but there are a couple of cool things about them. (Please don't ask me to list them... LoL).

    Chris Brown did do an amazing job though. I soooo love him, but you already know that. U really make me wanna see the A-Team movie...I've never watched a show so I've been a bit skeptical about going. Oh and about the Centric channel thingy. I never watched it, but I know they were gonna do a "Where Are They Now" type of show about Dru-Hill... I really want to see that. Dang, I need cable!

  2. Yes, the show is seeming like it'll be a dramatic mess... But it's still worth a view or two. I watched it online. Sisqo looks the exact same. LoL... CHECK IT OUT CHICA!!!

  3. I saw the commercial amd they looked WORN OUT! I guess unemployment will do that to you. I've been meaning to watch Trey Songz's new show. have you seen it?

  4. i have... i like Trey, but he's cocky as hell.. u should see how he walks around backstage like he's the boss or something. it's hilarious... watching the show will really make u believe that dreams do come true though!