Monday, April 27, 2009

Catching Up!

So I caught the Making the Band Reunion episode and I can not believe this season got me. Again. I had given up reality shows. I dropped all the "Love" shows on VH1, I refused to get sucked into the madness that I Love Money and For the Love of Ray J both were. (I've seen a couple of episodes of each. Yeah I slipped up, I AM human.) I haven't seen The Hills, and I had resolved to watch only scripted shows. (Giving much love to writers like myself, not that The Hills isn't scripted, but...I digress.) So my best friend told me that I had to watch the newest season of Making the Band, but with me being a Danity Kane fan, and with them being disbanded I felt there was no reason to watch. But with Que's tantrum's I was SO wrong!

According to Que, there were "things" he was dealing with that weren't shown on the show. On his Twitter, he would always tweet things like about the evils of MTV's editing. So, I wonder what did they leave out? Did Que apologize to the group for acting like a little punk? Did he finally come clean about what he was dealing with? Somehow I doubt it.

D. Woods decided to blog about her experience on the reunion show and about being in the group in general. It was basically a bunch of gibberish, with clichés, and ghetto spasms. She says she will see us again once she "emerges from the constraints of smoke and mirrors." Huh? Did she drink the Kool Aid? Wait she signed with Bad Boy and thought she would go somewhere. Of course she drank it.

THIS IS THE PROBLEM WITH REALITY SHOWS!!! If you have something to say, just say it! The reason why the Danity Kane breakup was so confusing was because, DK acted like they were all for one and one for all. When they had a problem (excluding Aubrey, because she ALWAYS seemed to have something going on) they stuck together. At least that's what the viewers were lead to believe. They kept their problems to themselves and obviously didn't talk about the issues, no one could fake the look of confusion on Aundrea and Dawn's faces when they found out no one else would be returning.

My advice: When on a reality show or in real life, speak the truth at all times and say it loud! No one likes a martyr who suffers in silence.

Friday, April 17, 2009

In Other Entertainement News

In other entertainment news: Ashton Kutcher reached 1,000,000 followers on Twitter, while yours truly is struggling to hit 20, but I only need four more! (Sad, I know, moving on.)
Keshia Knight Pulliam (Rudy from The Cosby Show) is slated to have her own reality show on Oxygen, (anyone care? There go those crickets chirping.) Stop with the reality shows, people. Please!
Jamie Foxx told Miley Cyrus to do a sex tape. Wait, what? Calm down, he was just joking and he later apologized. I'm not a Hannah Montana fan, and when I heard it I thought it just meant that he wanted her star to burn out and for her to fade into obscurity. Other people were outraged, saying, "She's a child!" and "How would he feel if someone said that about his daughter?" I say, lighten up. And all those people who are so outraged and disappointed, Miley is not that innocent. Think about what YOU were doing at 16. Yeah. I thought so.

No More Danity Kane

So on last night's episode of Making the Band 4, we finally found out what was happening with Danity Kane. Diddy told Aundrea and Dawn that he would be releasing everyone from their contracts. Everyone except Dawn that is.

Now a person with a conspiracy theory would suggest that this was Dawn's plan all along. Become apart of a girl group. Check. Make up the name of the group, therefore solidifying your place as the most creative member of the group. Check. Smile and be the nicest. Check. Make Day 26 fans love you by dating one of the members of that group. Check. Get in tight with Diddy by doing a few demos for him. Check. Stay cool, while the other girls are fighting and questioning Diddy's authority, without being boring or forgetful like Shannon. Check. When the group disbands be sad and a little confused. Check. Pull a Beyonce or Diana Ross and become a solo act. Check!

Diddy said that the only one he would want to work with in the future was Dawn, Aundrea left the group (when? i must have missed that one) because she didn't feel comfortable with the other girls and Diddy no longer trusts her. And of course, we have not seen Aubrey, D. Woods, or Shannon since last season so whatever they have to say, hopefully they'll bring it to the media.

Now if there was no Cassie (you know, the chick that shaved off half her hair last week? *Eyeroll*) one might suggest that Dawn and Diddy were getting something poppin' off camera. Especially since her boyfriend Que has since gone off his meds and proceeds to rant and rave whenever he gets screen time. However, Dawn has never given off a sleazy-I'm down for whatever-I NEED TO BE FAMOUS vibe, so until the other former members of Danity Kane release a tell-all book or movie, I say Dawn was just ambitious. She was handed an opportunity and she squeezed whatever she could out of Mr. I'll take 90% off the top, that is, Bad Boy's founder. I mean, Dawn has been writing music, she has a comic book, and a song with Que. There was no being idle for this New Orleans girl. And I applaud her for that.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stimulus Plan

I remember when I was a kid my aunt would babysit me and my cousins during the summer. She would take us to the closest public school and we would play in the park and eat the free lunch. The stimulus plan is going to give $100 million for free lunch programs. Maybe they should double that number, because those public school lunches have their off days. Free lunch saved about $20 a week on food, that was about $160 for the summer on lunch that my parents saved. So I'm definitely thinking about grabbing one of my little cousins and taking them to get free lunch this summer. We college students could stand to save some money.

More importantly existing public transportation systems are getting $750 million. All I know is that New York, which has to have the biggest public transit system in the country, should be getting a nice chunk of that money. Which better mean that the MetroCard prices will be decreasing in the near future. Doesn't seem likely, but... Gas prices went way down. So I'll still keep hope alive. I would also like to take this time to publicly call out the Brooklyn Bridge station. It is one of the most disgusting stations I have ever had to wait for a train. It's dirty, and when it rains it's wet and dirty. And to top it off the smell is offensive. I feel contaminated whenever I'm there. So MTA, please use the money to invest in some industrial size Febreze.

Lead paint can cause very serious problems in children, and $100 million will go to removing lead paint from public housing. It is especially harmful to children under 6, and can cause hearing loss, stunted growth, delayed development, and system damage. It almost seems impossible that there are still places with lead paint after all the information that we know about the effects it has on the body.

This stimulus plan will help everyone and not just those in a certain tax bracket. Yay!