Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Interracial Dating

I know, it's been a while. I've been working, making new friends, watching movies and re-entering the dating world. Now I consider myself open minded. You know how when you see the interracial couple and there's the Black girl that gives them the stank look? Well, I'm the girl yelling at the girl with the stank look. I'd never dated a white guy but what business is it of ours who strangers date? Black women complain a lot about Black men dating White women. And I believe that some Black men can be close minded, but maybe some of them are onto something. Maybe we as Black women should try and be more open to possibilities when we're dating. Maybe we should just date men instead of limiting ourselves to Black men. They sure aren't limiting themselves to us.

Recently, I did something that I honestly never thought I would have. I...went on a date with a white guy. I have to admit that when our flirtation started it kind of caught me off guard. I've been known to admire white guys, I mean Mark Wahlberg is too sexy. But I never thought about dating a white guy. However, as my cousin likes to remind me, no matter the color, men are men.

When I told my best friends about him, they didn't seem surprised at all. One of them even said, "Out of all our friends, you would be the one to end up with a white guy." I'm not even sure what that means. Do I give off an "interracial dating" aura? I know my blog usually focuses on entertainment but I decided to get this out. So what about you? Do you stick to your own race or do you just date? Is interracial dating even a big deal anymore?