Monday, March 15, 2010

I Miss The Radio

Close your eyes and think back. Think back to a time when you could turn on any station on the radio and listen to it for HOURS. Remember that? I remember when Power 105 first started and I had my Walkman, and it was commercial free R&B.... Good times. I miss Monica (it's just one of them days), Brandy (when she still had braids and a sitcom), Destiny's Child (with 3 or 4 members, I'm not choosy), Ginuwine, Ashanti (yeah I may be her only fan, but I admit that), Aaliyah (R.I.P), Missy, Faith Evans, and R. Kelly. I know, Kells has issues but his 90's and early 2000's music was the business. Can y'all come back real quick? I CAN'T LISTEN TO RIHANNA, LADY GAGA, and all those Cash Money artists all day.

Now it seems like I can't find anything to listen to! I mean a few songs and then I have to change the station. It's like I can barely get comfortable on my bed before I hear some Gucci Mane or (well I just went blank because I DON'T KNOW ANY OF THE NEW PEOPLE OUT THERE). I can't take it, anymore. And there's nobody talking on the radio anymore. Wendy, How you doin'? Can you come back to radio, it's so boring now. Maybe I'll check out some Sirius radio stations, or start my own. Yeah, I like to listen to myself talk, and what?

P.S. The Bad Girls Reunion is on tomorrow. Yaaaaaay! Portia and Flo both get at Natalie (and she's still spitting on people.) This is why I can't respect her, because real bad girls use their words or fists, NOT their salivary glands.


  1. wow... you're sooooo right! i miss recording stuff from the radio and putting it on a cassette. lol

    and i'ma have to wait to check out the reunion. it's sad that we like to see drama lol

  2. Now, I miss cassettes. I miss flipping the tape over for side 2. and i miss knowing all the songs for side 1 and hardly none for side 2. This new millenium is killing my buzz. lol

  3. how old are you chica? i don't remember cassettes THAT vividly. lol

  4. I'm only 23. But I was still using tapes when most of my friends were moving on to CDs. I loved my walkman. lol

  5. hahaha. I knew we got along for a reason, my dear e-sister.

    We're so close in age... I'm 22 and will be 23 this June.

  6. So weird! My birthday was last month. but yeah, there's so much stuff I miss, this new millenium, I tell ya. lol