Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why Did I Get Married, Too? (Part 2)

On Saturday my best friend and I went to see Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too? And let me say this if you have ever watched a movie or read a book before, there is NO twist. I am so sick of people telling me that I won't suspect the ending. Did you see the same movie I saw? Just because the ending wasn't in the commercial, that doesn't mean the ending will be a surprise. So let's review, shall we?

I was going to give a blow by blow account of the movie but instead I will just point out some holes in the storyline. To quote my best friend, who went to see the movie with me, "Tyler Perry has a few moments of greatness. Just a few." But see, a movie is made up of a lot of moments, so where does that leave us? Ok, the movie opens with Terry and Dianne's family, they now have two children, because Dianne got her tubes untied (I didn't know they could do that). Their daughter is explaining to her brother what the Marriage Retreat is and he seems confused that Uncle Mike won't be there. Hmmm. Weren't Sheila and Mike divorced at the end of the second movie? So how does Terry and Dianne's son even know that Uncle Mike and Aunt Sheila were married? He should only be about two, right? (If you add in that the last movie was 3 years ago, and Diane had to get her tubes untied, conceive her son, carry him for at least 8 months, and give birth) He looked about four. Ok, maybe I'm nitpicking. But bear with me, because there's more.

Friendships. Tyler Perry can write about bad relationships and good relationships but when it comes to friendships...He's lacking. I have had a problem with his take on friendships since the first movie. When Sheila stayed in Colorado and all her friends went back to Atlanta, why hadn't they talked to her before she finally called them? Why weren't they looking for her? I get that they all had their own problems but come on. Her marriage just ended and she basically had a breakdown at the dinner table. Right? Well this movie isn't any better. They all live in Atlanta, and correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Atlanta a city? Not a state, right? So why don't they hang out, together? Because the impression I got from the movie was that they go months (or movies) without seeing each other, they all have all of these secrets, and then once the climax of the movie takes place (like the dinner table scene from the first one and Patricia's announcement in this movie) they see each other ALL the time. I know, they can't be Sex and The City, but really? When Patricia went crazy and started smashing things it was daylight. Her friends don't show up until well into the night to check on her. Did the husbands not tell their wives what happened? That their best friend of twenty years had a psychotic episode? Obviously not, because the ladies look completely shocked to see the house in the state that it's in.

Patricia and Gavin. Where do we begin? It seems like Tyler Perry writes these movies and never goes back to edit them or maybe the movie was just one big improvisational piece. I don't know. Patricia and Gavin come into the house all smiles and holding hands, then boom! "Gavin and I are getting a divorce." Huh? There are so many ways he could have shown that they were having problems, like he led up to Dianne's emotional affair, where everyone kept telling her she was glowing. He could have shown Janet Jackson in the car before she greeted everyone, telling Gavin that she wanted to tell them the truth and he could have told her to wait. Or that muffled argument they were having? That's what it could have been about. I get why people keep saying there was a twist, everything came out of the blue. Sorry people that's not a twist, its sloppy writing. And what is Patricia's problem? Why couldn't she open up? Gavin said she was like that before the death of their son...So what was it? That would have been a great opportunity for a flashback. But maybe it was nothing because when he dies she realizes they were fighting for nothing. And so another hole.

Mike. Why was he there? He didn't act like he came to get Sheila back. I mean, they had that one scene, and then Sheila reminded him that he abused her. But then that was done. And was I the only one who thought the abuse angle came out of nowhere? Another out of the blue moment. Mike was clearly uncomfortable being around the happy couples, so why did he stay? For Sheila? I didn't see that. And then with him having cancer, why did Sheila have to take him to chemo? He has money; he could have hired a nurse. He also has friends, so what were Marcus and Terry doing? Sheila's struggle to forgive Mike should have been shown more. Even though she said she forgave him in the first movie, she seemed very hostile in this one. But maybe it's just me. Mike could have told Terry that he wanted to make amends with Sheila. Terry could have told Dianne and Dianne could have told Sheila. That way we see Sheila struggle with holding on to the pain of her first marriage and doing the Christian thing.

This movie was ok. I give it a C. The first one was better and I only wanted to see it because of I needed to know what happened to these so called happy couples and because of Tasha Smith. Her scenes were hilarious and I can see her and Marcus having those issues. I'm done ranting, but tell me what you think.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Why Did I Get Married, Too? (Part 1)

So, I haven't seen Tyler Perry's new movie, yet. I plan on seeing it, but I try to never ever go see movies on the first day or week it comes out. I hate the crowds. And truth be told I like to watch the movie when the theater is nearly empty, you know after it's been out for two months and I don't have to listen to all the crowd participation. I may be holding on to some leftover frustration from going to see"Good Hair" the day it came out.

I never go into a movie empty headed. You know, I already have expectations and I usually know how it's going to end. As usual, Tyler Perry had me raising some questions about this new movie. I mean at the end of the first one everyone was happy, right? Sheila lost some weight and got a new husband. Diane and Terry both realized she was wrong for lying about getting her tubes tied and he came back home. Angela and Marcus agreed to remain faithful to each other and she gave up drinking. Patricia and Gavin worked through their issues regarding their son's death. Everyone was good, except Mike, but what do we expect from Tyler Perry's villain? So my question is why tie the whole story up in a bow only to unravel it for a sequel?

Why couldn't he find a new cast? Or write a new story and keep the cast, just give them new roles? I get that marriage is hard...but this is a little much. I've seen bits and pieces of the movies in trailers, so I know that Angela thinks Marcus is cheating, Mike wants Sheila back and her new husband is jobless, and we've all seen Janet Jackson going crazy (Beyonce in "Obsessed" style). So what do I expect? Drama, drama, and (according to my cousin who fought the crowds this weekend) a twist we won't expect. Yeah, ok.