Sunday, August 22, 2010

Here's What I Love

I love when I meet new people and we connect. You know that vibe you get when you and someone just happen to click? I started a new job and there are a few of us who have just bonded. I love it.

I love the butterflies I get in my stomach from a new guy. You've just met and he hasn't said or done anything stupid yet. He hasn't "forgotten" his wallet, been talking in hushed tones to his "mother" or tried to get you to buy him an iPhone.

I love walking in the rain, by myself, with my headphones on blasting some 90s R&B.

I love reading a good book. It's so good, I start getting sad because its almost over.

I love an A Different World marathon. Whitley and Dwayne, need I say more?

I love a good conversation with a good friend.

I love hanging out with my little sister. She's almost 19 and has become one of my best friends. I love the conversations we have.

I love discounts and sales of any kind.

I love how I look after I've gotten my eyebrows done.

I love when I have a new story idea and my brain moves faster than my fingers can type or write.

I love having money in the bank.

I love coming home to my mother's cooking. Nothing else compares.

I love waking up from a good dream.

So these are some of the things I love, tell me some of yours.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Now THESE Girls Are Bad!

The new season of the Bad Girls Club has just begun! And unlike last season, where some of the girls seemed more like Real World rejects, these girls are true bad girls. They yell, fight and kick each other out of the house. And that was the first 36 hours. The girls are Morgan, Cat, Kristen, Lea, Brandi, Erica and Danielle. Now, I don't know if the producers are trying to follow some sort of format, but all of the girls look like one of the girls from a past Bad Girls season. I hope they are following a model because this season is way better than the last already.

Sometimes I wish I could be a bad girl. Not on the reality show, just in real life. I mean fight, yell, throw things and not think about the consequences? I can't do it, I have a tendency to think too much. So for now, I'll just live vicariously through these girls. As far as favorites go: I like Lea and Cat. These girls don't go behind your back, if they have something to say they do it. IN. YOUR. FACE! And that's how it should be, especially if you call yourself a bad girl.

And in other news: According to TMZ, Jennifer Freeman (My Wife & Kids) beat up her husband. Apparently he saw a text message on her phone and she flipped out. She slapped him twice, bit him on the wrist and chest. And SHE DREW BLOOD! Ok, do you know how hard you have to bite someone to draw blood? (I say this having been on the receiving end of a bite. In sixth grade this girl bit me on my hand and it hurt, luckily she didn't break the skin. But that's a story for another time. Hey, Nicole!) Anyway, Freeman's husband, Earl Watson, filed a divorce petition immediately. However he later withdrew it, saying they were gonna work on their problems. I mean they do have a child together, but had this happened in reverse we would all be calling for her to leave him, right? So, should HE stay or go? (Also, what is going on with text messages? Isn't that how the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna fight got started?)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wedding Season. Some Do, I Don't

I know this post has you looking at me a little side eyed. Let me stop you before you begin to extol all the virtues of marriage. I know, its a wonderful thing. I know, the bond between married couple is one that cannot be compared, blah, blah, BLAH! It is wedding season and a lot of people are getting married. T.I. and Tiny, Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz and Chelsea Clinton all tied the knot on the same day. (Side note: Chelsea and I have the same birth date.) My cousin is getting married in a few weeks and my best friend was supposed to get married next week. Yes I said supposed to.

Here's what happened. About 8 years ago, she met a guy, they started dating. They were "that" couple. On, off, exclusive, open, off again. On again. You know. So they had a child together, 2 years ago and it seemed like they were good. He proposed in February and the wedding date was set for August 8th. Everyone was happy. Until his family convinced him to call it off. TWO weeks before the ceremony. ON HER BIRTHDAY! (Y'all know I would have been blogging from prison, right?) They said she was too bossy and did they have enough money to be married without struggling? He was uncomfortable with the fact that she made more money than him. So, I'm thinking: I guess he doesn't really want to be with her. Because let's face it, when you really want to do something: NOBODY can talk you out of it. Besides, I thought love was supposed to make a way? Let me dial back the sarcasm to get to the point. So he wants to call off the wedding, but he wants her to live with him. And his family thinks this is completely normal. So help me out: what's the difference?

If we get married, are we not going to be living together? What's the difference if we have the paper or not? If you don't want to marry me then why do you want to live with me? I am lost. Dazed and confused. Living together is just marriage without all the gifts. Right? Right?

And so this brings me to the "I don't" part of this post. I don't want a big wedding. No seriously I don't. I want to elope. It is my dream to fly to Vegas or some island and just do it. Does this make me crazy? My other best friend (who has planned her wedding and 3 other variations) has vowed to kill me if I fly off somewhere with my guy and not give her the pleasure of planning my entire wedding and being my matron of honor. My family is crazy, I love them, but they drive me crazy on a regular day. I can't even imagine having to deal with them and caterers, florists, bridesmaids, china patterns, salon bookings, dress fittings, church counseling classes and sending out invitations. Am I crazy for wanting to elope? And do you see any difference in living together and getting married?