Monday, June 21, 2010

I Have A Secret...

I have a secret. And it's a big one. I LOVE...Lifetime movies. There I said it and now you know. I watch them and I enjoy them. Home invasions, romantic comedies, cheating spouses, custody battles,secret identities: you name it Lifetime has it. So now that you know this about me, telling you that I watched a new Lifetime movie called, Double Wedding, won't come as a shock.

Double Wedding stars Tia and Tamera Mowry as twins that fall in love with the same guy. He doesn't know he's dating twins because neither one tells him that they have a twin. They just talk about their sister. After the first 35 minutes, I already knew who he would end up with. But that doesn't bother me, (I'm a control freak, so I like knowing what's going to happen. I'm weird that way.)

My only problem with the movie is that the twins play their same stereotypical parts, with an adult twist. Tia is the super motivated, utterly ambitious, Type A lawyer while Tamera, a baker, is more carefree and more of a people person. I'm just saying: does there always have to be a smart sister and a social sister?

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  1. I wanna see this too. And it's funny cuz Tamera ALWAYS has to play the more care-free one/ goofy one... Hmmmm...