Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back To Our Roots

So you guys know my stance on BET. Hate it! I mean I actually LOATHE everything BET stands for. I'm all for Black Entertainment, in fact it's all I want to do with my life, but it saddens me to think that once I'm actually established in this business BET would be my last resort when pitching a show idea. I mean what does BET actually do for the Black community? Take a minute, and really think about it. What does BET do for us? Show us how NOT to act? I mean, really.

So I bring this up to talk about the BET awards. I tried to watch, I really did. But when I turned on the television, Queen Latifah had on a braided wig and she was looking real crazy, talking to T.I. So I turned. Then the next day everyone was talking about Chris Brown's performance, I was actually sorry I missed that one. I like Chris Brown and I hope he can get back to where he was. So I watched that on Youtube and it amazed me that in six and a half minutes he did a better tribute to Michael Jackson than the ENTIRE 2009 BET Awards show. BET, get it together.

Now, BET does have another channel, called BET Centric. I actually like this channel. I'm not sure who the brains was behind this operation, but clearly they should be in charge of ALL of BET's programming. On Centric, you can see Soul Train's classic episodes, Miami Vice, The A-Team, and the videos are real music. This channel is what BET itself started out being, but later somehow succumbed to the pressures of today's Hip Hop world.

OK, I saw the A-Team movie. And can I just tell you: amazing! I used to watch the show with my dad when I was younger and sometimes we'll catch the reruns together on Centric. I was going to do a separate post on it. Which it totally deserves, because it was THAT good. But I figured you guys wouldn't appreciate an entire post that was just the word AMAZING written over and over. Here's the thing about this movie, if you have never seen an episode of the show, you'll love it, because it's a good movie. If you loved the show you will be proud of the job the writers did in staying true to the characters. This is probably because the creator of the show was one of the producers of the movie. Take my word for it: Go See It! And don't watch it online, like I was going to, see it in a theater, because it's just that good. A+ all the way!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Have A Secret...

I have a secret. And it's a big one. I LOVE...Lifetime movies. There I said it and now you know. I watch them and I enjoy them. Home invasions, romantic comedies, cheating spouses, custody battles,secret identities: you name it Lifetime has it. So now that you know this about me, telling you that I watched a new Lifetime movie called, Double Wedding, won't come as a shock.

Double Wedding stars Tia and Tamera Mowry as twins that fall in love with the same guy. He doesn't know he's dating twins because neither one tells him that they have a twin. They just talk about their sister. After the first 35 minutes, I already knew who he would end up with. But that doesn't bother me, (I'm a control freak, so I like knowing what's going to happen. I'm weird that way.)

My only problem with the movie is that the twins play their same stereotypical parts, with an adult twist. Tia is the super motivated, utterly ambitious, Type A lawyer while Tamera, a baker, is more carefree and more of a people person. I'm just saying: does there always have to be a smart sister and a social sister?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This Is Why I Watch Movies And Don't Listen To Reviews: Sex And The City 2

So I finally saw Sex and The City 2 (it seems like alot of my movie posts start like that, because I'm always behind. I can't stand the crowds at the theaters. Its really ridiculous.) And it wasn't that bad, it was a little long though. I mean people were acting like they butchered the movie and didn't stay true to the characters. It was more of a "Where Are They Now?" special. The movie picks up two years after the last one ended and we got to see where all of the ladies are now.

Carrie and Big are still married and seem to be happy, except Carrie likes to go out and socialize and Big wants to stay home. This becomes a big deal for them. It would have been realistic, had Big and Carrie not been living together for 10 years. Like, Carrie, did you just realize that Big wanted to stay home and watch old movies? It would have been better if it focused more on the slightly restlessness (is that a word?) of being with someone for 10 years. But...I didn't write it.

Miranda's big issue is that her boss is a jerk, but she quits in the first 30 minutes. So...Now what?

Samantha has sex. No big storyline just sex. (All of the sex in the movie is had by her.) And trying to defeat menopause. But... it was nothing like the cancer storyline she had on the show.

Charlotte has the best and most carefully plotted storyline. She's dealing with the fact that her children are not perfect, she's not a perfect mother after always wanting children, and she fears her husband may be having an affair with the nanny (how cliche, right?) Charlotte feels that because she always wanted children, it shouldn't be hard for her and her children should be well-behaved little angels. Not so. She has breakdowns and Miranda helps her through it (I guess that was Miranda's other storyline...except not really, because she helps Charlotte with her breakthrough at the end.)

The clothes were amazing as I'm sure you knew from the commercials, right?

They were still friends, but this movie didn't have them facing any real challenges with each other. They were just four best friends in the Middle East.

So I liked it: I give it a C+. The storylines could have been better planned, but it was nice seeing them all together again. But they could have done better.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Wright

So I saw Just Wright. Typical romantic comedy movie. The previews pretty much told us what was going to happen in the movie. But...Common was really good. Now, I could be biased because let's face it: Common is sexy and can do no wrong in my book. However I wasn't expecting him to be as good as he was. Because, we all know this, sometimes rappers and singers get lead roles because of their name and NOT because of their talent. I won't put any names out there, mostly because I'm feeling kind of mellow tonight.

Queen Latifah, who I don't consider a "rapper turned actress" because she has more than paid her acting dues, played an around the way, nice girl. Paula Patton was her self centered, shallow godsister. Very materialistic, but not malicious. I like that the friendship between the two women was never in jeopardy, even though they share a love interest. They were two mature women who were each happy for one another, when they received what they wanted. I liked that, no cattiness in this movie. Also Queen Latifah didn't play a homely woman, who couldn't get a man. She was a beautiful woman, so comfortable around guys that they put her in "homegirl" category. No ponytails, bad clothes, or bushy eyebrows. There were also some nice NBA cameos. It was a cute movie without any real surprises. I give it a B-. It delivered what we expected. No more, no less.

Friday, June 11, 2010

MTV Movie Awards

So for the first time ever I watched an entire awards show in one sitting, without flipping the channels. Of course, I watched it 4 days later on my DVR. But here is my list of Random Things I Noticed…

Aziz Ansari is funny. I didn’t realize. I mean I’ve seen a few minutes of Parks and Recreation, but not enough to watch every week. Sorry.

Tiny was sitting next to Paris Hilton. Not looking very happy at the seating arrangements or Aziz Ansari’s comedy sketch.

The Adam Sandler/Kevin James/Chris Rock/David Spade/Rob Schenider skit was not funny. The cast Grown Ups did not write their little skit. I refuse to believe it because I know Chris Rock and Kevin James are funnier than that. I’ve watched their stand ups, so I refuse to believe they wrote it.

Sorry Diddy. You still can’t act. Sit down. And by the way you’ve been “less cool.” And please stop molesting white girls. (i.e. the hug he gave Anna Kendrick.)

Tom Cruise is hilarious as Les Grossman.

Kiss Cam: uh, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens…You guys have been together for too long to be so uncomfortable on camera. Like, you guys are famous now. You should be used to unwanted attention.

Kristen Stewart is so socially awkward. I like her.

Did Ken Jeong throw up a gang sign when he won best WTF moment?

And some censorship rules were clearly broken. We all agree on that, right?

The poor kid from Harry Potter couldn’t even finish his speech. But it was funny, to watch, anyway.