Thursday, August 12, 2010

Now THESE Girls Are Bad!

The new season of the Bad Girls Club has just begun! And unlike last season, where some of the girls seemed more like Real World rejects, these girls are true bad girls. They yell, fight and kick each other out of the house. And that was the first 36 hours. The girls are Morgan, Cat, Kristen, Lea, Brandi, Erica and Danielle. Now, I don't know if the producers are trying to follow some sort of format, but all of the girls look like one of the girls from a past Bad Girls season. I hope they are following a model because this season is way better than the last already.

Sometimes I wish I could be a bad girl. Not on the reality show, just in real life. I mean fight, yell, throw things and not think about the consequences? I can't do it, I have a tendency to think too much. So for now, I'll just live vicariously through these girls. As far as favorites go: I like Lea and Cat. These girls don't go behind your back, if they have something to say they do it. IN. YOUR. FACE! And that's how it should be, especially if you call yourself a bad girl.

And in other news: According to TMZ, Jennifer Freeman (My Wife & Kids) beat up her husband. Apparently he saw a text message on her phone and she flipped out. She slapped him twice, bit him on the wrist and chest. And SHE DREW BLOOD! Ok, do you know how hard you have to bite someone to draw blood? (I say this having been on the receiving end of a bite. In sixth grade this girl bit me on my hand and it hurt, luckily she didn't break the skin. But that's a story for another time. Hey, Nicole!) Anyway, Freeman's husband, Earl Watson, filed a divorce petition immediately. However he later withdrew it, saying they were gonna work on their problems. I mean they do have a child together, but had this happened in reverse we would all be calling for her to leave him, right? So, should HE stay or go? (Also, what is going on with text messages? Isn't that how the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna fight got started?)


  1. Funny that I'm just now seeing this... I wrote about the BGC too. LoL. These girls are bad, but that stripper one in particular pisses me off. I'm over the entire concept of the show. SmH.

    Now on to Jennifer Freeman. SmH. That whole story just seems weird. A double standard exists for abuse as well. That story just makes her seem psycho. OmG..

  2. My only complaint about BGC is how the girls say things like, "I came here to change my life." or "I'm not here for drama." Whaaaaat? Um you're on the Bad Girls Club, not reform school.

    And Jennifer Freeman... wow, I don't trust people who bite.