Monday, June 14, 2010

Just Wright

So I saw Just Wright. Typical romantic comedy movie. The previews pretty much told us what was going to happen in the movie. But...Common was really good. Now, I could be biased because let's face it: Common is sexy and can do no wrong in my book. However I wasn't expecting him to be as good as he was. Because, we all know this, sometimes rappers and singers get lead roles because of their name and NOT because of their talent. I won't put any names out there, mostly because I'm feeling kind of mellow tonight.

Queen Latifah, who I don't consider a "rapper turned actress" because she has more than paid her acting dues, played an around the way, nice girl. Paula Patton was her self centered, shallow godsister. Very materialistic, but not malicious. I like that the friendship between the two women was never in jeopardy, even though they share a love interest. They were two mature women who were each happy for one another, when they received what they wanted. I liked that, no cattiness in this movie. Also Queen Latifah didn't play a homely woman, who couldn't get a man. She was a beautiful woman, so comfortable around guys that they put her in "homegirl" category. No ponytails, bad clothes, or bushy eyebrows. There were also some nice NBA cameos. It was a cute movie without any real surprises. I give it a B-. It delivered what we expected. No more, no less.


  1. I actually think the movie deserves a C or something... It was soooo unrealistic! Especially how there was the lack of animosity between the two women.

    Overall it was cute though....

  2. But I love that they have no animosity. I mean it was a little unrealistic, but don't we all wish we could be as mature?

  3. NOOOO! After she left Common and jeopardized my job, she woulda had to move outta my house! LoL.. That was too unrealistic for me. But mature just the same!

  4. I think I would have liked to see Morgan mature. If Queen Latifah's character had kicked her out (with love) and said, you need to grow up. She could have had a breakthrough, tried to get back with Common, they both realize it's not working... There I go, rewriting movies again. lol