Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Guiltiest Pleasure

I watch the Bad Girls Club. There, I said it. And not only do I watch the Bad Girls Club, I love every minute of it. This was not like my Flava of Love phase (where I watched with barely concealed confusion and disgust.) Nope, I love The Bad Girls Club and I watch it because these girls are insane. And they're not in this house battling over some washed up rapper (sorry Flav) or trying to win a modeling contract. Nope, they're just there to be bad and the audience is there to guess who gets kicked off first for fighting. (Hey, Portia, I miss you.)

This is the fourth season of the show and while last season's girls were my favorites...This season's girls have grown on me. Mostly like a fungus but they've grown. Here are the girls I like: Portia, Flo, Natalie, and Annie. Yep, that's it. I know Portia's not there anymore but she was my favorite. Portia, Flo, and Natalie are all loud, in your face, I'll knock you out kinda girls. if they have something to say they say it to your face. Amber and Kate, well, not so much. And Annie well, I'm not actually sure why she's not on The Real World. She's not loud, she's not mean, vindictive, she's not bad at all. But then again maybe she has a slow fuse and it takes her a few weeks to heat up.

So, as far as I know, The Bad Girls Club isn't scripted. Well last season, the girls said the producers told Tiffany to play the peacemaker... Anyway, it seems these girls are honest, too honest. Which brings me to Kendra... How can you actually say that you're not sending Natalie home after she punches you in the face because you need her connections? It's one thing to use someone, but to say it out loud to all the girls in the house? And Natalie...don't buy your friends. They don't last and there's no warrantee. And really, Kendra, Miles from Moesha? I can't deal. I keep expecting Moesha and Niecy to interrupt their hot tub time with a lecture about safe sex.

Coming up: Flo and Amber get into a fight and I pray Flo wails on her. Here's hoping one of the former Bad Girls stop by. I wanna see Kate go toe to toe with the original Boston, last season's Whitney.

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  1. hahaha.

    i don't have cable, but I have my mom DVR the show all the time!

    i love Flo because she backs her ish up! she's my favorite cast member who else can throw another human across the concrete with one good foot? lmBoOo....

    i don't care for Kendra because she's a punk. she can't fight and she's picking on the Kate girl just because she knows she can't hit her. if anybody spits in your face, there should be an immediate fight; not a pillow fight either!

    smh... i could go on and on... the show is crazy. I heard that Flo gets sent home soon.. i probably won't care for the show after that!