Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Decade? Wow!

Happy New Year! Wow it's been about 4 months. Bad bad bad. I know! I was inspired to write this post by Alex of Alex's Blog-A-Zine. So if you read this, thanks Alex! Anyway, I did see I Can Do Bad All By Myself and I was shocked by how not bad it was. Sorry, that's the best compliment I can give Tyler Perry, I tried and that's all I got. And I downloaded Whitney Houston's CD and I like it...Because it's Whitney and I'm a fan. But I miss old Whitney. You know the one that hit those crazy notes. Her voice is kinda husky and throaty on her new album. But I'll take what I can.

So since its 2010, I've noticed a few crazes that make me wish for things from 10 years ago. Like this whole Twilight/Vampire Diaries/True Blood craze. Does anyone else miss Buffy? You know the Vampire Slayer? When most vampires were bad and Buffy killed them with her awesome skills and witty banter? Aah the good ol' days.

Now when it comes to music I am all about Trey Songz. But remember when R. Kelly was the king of R&B? What happened Kells? Oh, yeah you peed on a few girls and we all turned on you. And in turn it seems he may have lost it after Trapped in the Closet Part 97. And what's up with Usher? I mean does anyone remember 8701 and Confessions? Now he's just dropped off. Way off. And where did all the girl groups go? I miss TLC, Xscape, En Vogue, SWV and Destiny's Child. And don't get me started on boy bands. I was never into Pretty Ricky or Day 26, but if I didn't love me some B2K... I can't stand Omarion, though. I wonder why?

Well these are just my ramblings. I've gotta go, there's a Buffy marathon on and I'm missing my tween years. Love ya and enjoy the New Year!

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  1. you're my blog sister or something!

    first off, i was hecka happy that u posted a B2K pic on there... i love it! i was Lil Fizz' girlfriend all throughout 9th and 10th grade, i swear!

    I miss the old Whitney AND the old Mariah! Lastly, I happen to be addicted to Vampire Diaries... I mean, the show is just amazing!