Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stimulus Plan

I remember when I was a kid my aunt would babysit me and my cousins during the summer. She would take us to the closest public school and we would play in the park and eat the free lunch. The stimulus plan is going to give $100 million for free lunch programs. Maybe they should double that number, because those public school lunches have their off days. Free lunch saved about $20 a week on food, that was about $160 for the summer on lunch that my parents saved. So I'm definitely thinking about grabbing one of my little cousins and taking them to get free lunch this summer. We college students could stand to save some money.

More importantly existing public transportation systems are getting $750 million. All I know is that New York, which has to have the biggest public transit system in the country, should be getting a nice chunk of that money. Which better mean that the MetroCard prices will be decreasing in the near future. Doesn't seem likely, but... Gas prices went way down. So I'll still keep hope alive. I would also like to take this time to publicly call out the Brooklyn Bridge station. It is one of the most disgusting stations I have ever had to wait for a train. It's dirty, and when it rains it's wet and dirty. And to top it off the smell is offensive. I feel contaminated whenever I'm there. So MTA, please use the money to invest in some industrial size Febreze.

Lead paint can cause very serious problems in children, and $100 million will go to removing lead paint from public housing. It is especially harmful to children under 6, and can cause hearing loss, stunted growth, delayed development, and system damage. It almost seems impossible that there are still places with lead paint after all the information that we know about the effects it has on the body.

This stimulus plan will help everyone and not just those in a certain tax bracket. Yay!


  1. No wayyyy. My grandma used to take me to the park and then to a public school to eat free lunch too!

  2. I too am a fan of free lunches especially when my mom was short on cash/food stamps all of my siblings had free lunch at the corner school.

    Also, I pray to God that they lower the metrocards prices because we aren't recieving the services for what they are charging. I understand the workers need to be paid but what about us who need to get to work on time and can't when it rains because the train stations are in such bad conditions that it floods the tracks. Nobody talks about that anymore; I wonder why...............