Friday, April 17, 2009

No More Danity Kane

So on last night's episode of Making the Band 4, we finally found out what was happening with Danity Kane. Diddy told Aundrea and Dawn that he would be releasing everyone from their contracts. Everyone except Dawn that is.

Now a person with a conspiracy theory would suggest that this was Dawn's plan all along. Become apart of a girl group. Check. Make up the name of the group, therefore solidifying your place as the most creative member of the group. Check. Smile and be the nicest. Check. Make Day 26 fans love you by dating one of the members of that group. Check. Get in tight with Diddy by doing a few demos for him. Check. Stay cool, while the other girls are fighting and questioning Diddy's authority, without being boring or forgetful like Shannon. Check. When the group disbands be sad and a little confused. Check. Pull a Beyonce or Diana Ross and become a solo act. Check!

Diddy said that the only one he would want to work with in the future was Dawn, Aundrea left the group (when? i must have missed that one) because she didn't feel comfortable with the other girls and Diddy no longer trusts her. And of course, we have not seen Aubrey, D. Woods, or Shannon since last season so whatever they have to say, hopefully they'll bring it to the media.

Now if there was no Cassie (you know, the chick that shaved off half her hair last week? *Eyeroll*) one might suggest that Dawn and Diddy were getting something poppin' off camera. Especially since her boyfriend Que has since gone off his meds and proceeds to rant and rave whenever he gets screen time. However, Dawn has never given off a sleazy-I'm down for whatever-I NEED TO BE FAMOUS vibe, so until the other former members of Danity Kane release a tell-all book or movie, I say Dawn was just ambitious. She was handed an opportunity and she squeezed whatever she could out of Mr. I'll take 90% off the top, that is, Bad Boy's founder. I mean, Dawn has been writing music, she has a comic book, and a song with Que. There was no being idle for this New Orleans girl. And I applaud her for that.

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  1. I can'r believe that I've gotten caught up in another reality show, but I've been catching up on "Making The Band" and you make some good points. Dawn used her head and the rest of the group fell off. I guess when your world is turned upside down like Dawn's life in New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina), you'd work like a dog, too, to see your dreams and ambitions come to fruition (sp?). I hope she goes far. Que, on the otherhand, is a big crybaby and a distraction for Day 26. He needs to grow up and stop showing off for the cameras. He's a punk!