Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Me

Hi! It's been a while and I've been learning a lot about myself through the experiences I've had. So, the white guy? We went out, talked and flirted but I wasn't feeling IT. You know that...thing, that connection? I'm very down to earth and and he was up in the clouds. he's a hippie, so it was all about energies, auras and the universe. I know, right? Well, here I am trying to be mature and nudge him into the "friend zone."

My friends were telling me not to be negative and to hang in there. My friends (I honestly don't know why I ask them for advice sometimes) told me to "let him dip the tip", sleep with him, get it in! I didn't do any of that. I did try to get to know him, no, really I did... Until he confessed, y'all know this isn't good, we all learned from Usher. He has a girlfriend. Wait for it, a girlfriend of three years. I mean really? I was more upset that I'm trying to be diplomatic and nice and he's in a three year relationship. Fine, he confessed, via text message, and it was like nothing. I wasn't hurt, I wasn't even shocked because I live in NYC and if you met my friends... Nothing shocks me anymore. So I told him that if he really loves this woman than he shouldn't hurt her. I mean there are things you don't do if you're in a relationship. Don't send other women poetry, don't take them out on dates, don't make plans for future dates. I could go on but I won't. In the end it was an experience and it taught me to definitely take the time to get to know a person, before I jump into anything intimate. I keep imagining the conversation if I had slept with him and then found out about his girlfriend. Not pretty.

Anyway, what movies are you looking forward to? Because we all know that when spring and summer come the studios release the big guns. I'm looking forward to Jumping the Broom, I mean Laz Alonso? Oh, yessssssss! And you know I support Black romances. And I don't usually support sequels, but I will be there for Scream 4. Note to self: no makeup, since my face will be pressed into someone's shoulder. Yes, I'm a scaredy cat. And as much as I love to dissect Tyler Perry's movies my best friend and I will be seeing Madea's Big Happy family, hopefully not opening weekend to fight with the crowds, but she's weird.

I just saw The Lincoln Lawyer and Limitless and I liked them, one was definitely better than the other. I'll get you those reviews soon. I feel like I'm trying to cram too much into this post. I have to go cook, write to you soon!


  1. Sorry that didn't work out, it sucks when guys do that. But good thing you didn't sleep with him, talk about complicated and potentially heart-breaking. But yes, we gotta take some time to get know people. Everybody's not for us but somebody definitely is. I'm looking to Fast5 because of all the hotness that will gracing the screen with that movie, come on Paul Walker, Tyrese, and the Rock, mmm mmm!I saw Limitless, very good, very surprised by the ending though. Haven't seen Lincoln Lawyer although I do love some Matthew McConaughey.

  2. I forgot about Fast 5, its definitely on my list! And you have to see Lincoln Lawyer, so good! And I like that phrase "everybody's not for us, but SOMEBODY definitely is" thats simple and deep at the same time. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I, too, am looking forward to Jumping the Broom. I heard it was really good! Wowsers... Three years? Smh. Men these days are a trip. I refuse to discuss my dating life on my blog because people would feel too sorry for me. LoL. So glad you didn't take it to another level though.