Tuesday, August 25, 2009

End of Summer...But I'm Back!!!

So, I was finished with blogging because I started it for a class, then the class ended. I got a B. Just...a B. Kind of sucks because I'm better than that. (I am NOT as responsible and goal oriented as I sound, but I'm trying.) Anyway, a couple of people made a comment about checking in on my blog and I knew I needed to write something. I mean it's not like my brain is ever silent. So....

Summer T.V. is lame. I mean, the networks couldn't find ONE BLACK SHOW to put on? Just for the summer? Why? I've been living off of The Wendy Williams Show (I love it, it's different and, thank God, it's NOT Tyra!!!) Criminal Minds, and Law & Order: SVU. Oh, sitcoms? WHAT SITCOMS? How I Met Your Mother? They have no Black people on that show and OK, neither did Friends, but Friends was funny and the chemistry was INSANE. How I Met Your Mother, puh-lease! Just tell us who the mother is, already! And I rarely watch this show, so I wonder how fans feel about this?

Here's my pet peeve. The black shows that they do have on television: HAVE NO FRESH FACES. All or most of the actors are people we have seen before. It seems like the networks need guarantees that people are going to watch black shows. I mean in the 80's and 90's there were all of these break out hits. And the shows would only have one or two established actors. 227, Amen, Living Single, A Different World, The Cosby Show, Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The networks do not want to take a chance on Black actors, especially not young undiscovered black actors. And say what you want about UPN, but at least they put the shows on.

The talent is out there, please do something. A girl cannot live off of cable reruns alone.

Can't forget that Aaliyah, the R&B singer actress, died 8 years ago today. Still love her music and I really wish she were still alive. Someone needs to push Beyonce off this throne people are putting her on. Is anyone else suffering from Beyonce overload? Sorry, this was not to rant about Beyonce. Aaliyah, who made that swoop famous, is missed. Especially by me a true R&B listener. So go listen to Are You That Somebody? or If Your Girl Only Knew in her honor.

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