Friday, June 5, 2009

Our Generation Needs A School Daze...

I hate watching T.V. with my father because he watches everything made within the last 5 years, with open disdain. Our commercial breaks are filled with: "Melinda, ya'll don't know good television. These shows are so corny." He shakes his head. I roll my eyes. "OK, daddy" Typical father/daughter moment.

But lately I have been watching TV One (a black owned cable network, that plays old shows that would have been forgotten) and after cracking up over Martin and Cole trying to fight some midgets I have to say, my father is right. The quality of sitcoms (what little are left) is not the same. There's no chemistry between the actors, the storylines are lame, and the rest of the content seems so watered down. I mean old shows took it there. Watch All in the Family, Sandford & Son, Good Times, or The Jeffersons. They used a lot of words and storylines that are not "PC". But what we have forgotten is that the real world is NOT politically correct. People are not PC. We do, say and think things that may offend our hairdressers, cab drivers and neighborhood grocers. Television doesn't always have to reflect the world we want to live in, it should show the world we DO live in.

Movies make me cry. And not in a "I wrote to you everyday for a year" The Notebook kind of way. It's more of a Oh, look another Tyler Perry movie is coming out...I guess I'll go and watch School Daze on Youtube. Seriously, where have all the Black movies gone? I mean where is John Singleton? I need a new millennium Spike Lee to come out with a Do The Right Thing type of movie, that's going to make me think and feel. I want to get mad in the movie theater, leave with a new favorite saying, and replay the movie in my head over and over because it was so good.

Sigh. Well until then, I'll be Youtubing it some more. Today: Devil In A Blue Dress. Tomorrow: He Got Game. Sensing a theme? Old Denzel movies...


  1. I couldnt agree more-And I'm a part of this new generation (I'm 22). I cannot stand what I see on television & movies. Good news though-I did read about Spike Lee gearing up to make a sequel to chool Daze. Well see how that goes if it ever comes to light..

  2. Don't forget MALCOM X!! LOL.. But seriously I see where you're coming from!! Because the only thing that's taking over is "REALITY" TV.. that's not even real reality!! All of this "LOOKIN' FOR LOVE 1,2, AND 3!! It's a whole bunch of CRAP!! We can cry together on what's going on on TV!